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Round, concrete plant pot with drainage hole and matching saucer, in bare concrete.


This pot is unlined concrete. It's porous, and will gradually develop a beautiful patina.


8cm - As this pot comes with a drainage hole, you can pot directly into it, rather than placing the nursery pot directly inside. 


Sap Plants chose to stock the wonderful Anther + Moss due to their focus on the health of the plants you pot in their products:


'Lack of drainage can lead to a whole host of plant problems - it’s one of the biggest reasons people struggle to keep their house plants alive. (Pots without holes are very unforgiving if you’re a little heavy-handed with the watering can one day.)

It’s for this reason that every Anther + Moss plant pot has a drainage hole and comes with a matching saucer — so you can be assured your plant’s always in a good home.' -


A drainage hole means that you can pot your plants directly in to the pot, solving the problem of finding a pot to fit your nursery plastic pot inside.

Anther + Moss Concrete Pot with Dish 8cm

£14.00 Regular Price
£5.00Sale Price

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